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 Ford Introduced Innovative Wrong Way Alert System

Ford introduced an innovative Wrong Way Alert system to warn drivers about oncoming traffic lane entry, that may cause fatal accidents.

The driver which enters multi-lane highways with oncoming traffic is called a ‘driver- ghost’: ‘Geisterfahrer’ in Germany, ‘spookrijder’ in the Netherlands, ‘conducteur fantome’ in France.

Wrong Way Alert is based on the road signs recognition technology. The information about the car location provided by the on-board navigation system is also used. A forward camera behind the windshield recognizes important traffic signs (for example, speed limits) along the car’s route and transfers to the dashboard or projection display.

When the driver passes between two ”Road Up!” signs, the Wrong Way Alert system beeps and displays the prohibition sign on the dashboard, as well as a text message suggesting to check if the traffic is correct.

Ford has tested the technology on the test track in Lommel, Belgium. It is currently available to customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Wrong Way Alert is one of the most advanced technologies offered on Ford cars. The new Ford Focus has become the first on which this system is applied.

Source: Ford

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