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Ford Hints At Arrival Of an All-Electric F-150 In 2021

A pure electric version of Ford’s all-times best-seller – the F-150 – will possibly arrive in 2021, according to the latest news from the carmaker.

It should follow after the Mach E and a Ford Mustang-inspired electric crossover. The latter will debut next year as a 2021 model.

So, the market launch of the Ford F-150 EV may happen in 2021. It even may become the first all-electric pickup on sale, if comes ahead of Rivian or Bollinger startups or a pickup truck from Tesla. All of them stir up the interest to their products from time to time, but give no exact deadlines.

We have to wait for an announcement about specific arrival timing and be content with hints.

Presently Ford tries to popularize electric cars by means of some videos.

In July, for example, Ford released a video of the F-150 EV prototype that was towing a train full of other F-150s with total weight of over a million pounds.

Two “EV Myths Busted” videos were published last week. In such a way Ford prepares the public mind for the adoption of electric cars.

The American automaker wants to demonstrate that EVs are reliable, durable, maneuverable, safe and fast enough, and generally not inferior to conventional internal-combustion cars.

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