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Ford Hinted To Dealers About 2021 Bronco: What Is Already Known?

Ford met with the company dealers last month in Florida (Palm Beach). The talk was about an upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco, the Jeep Wrangler’s rival, which can become a ‘game changer’ when it arrives.

Fords wants to create a family of rugged off-road vehicles, including the Bronco SUV (2- and 4-door versions), a Baby Bronco and later on a compact unibody pickup (tied to a larger off-road lineup for the first time, by the way).

The Bronco is scheduled to launch in late 2020, three months after the Baby Bronco arrival. The small pickup is expected in 2021.

Ford presented a 2-door early prototype to dealers in Palm Beach (USA) not so long ago. It impressed the viewers. The automaker revealed no details, but some information was given.

Old Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a retro-styled SUV with a rectangular grille, round headlights and a “Bronco” sign across the front.

The vehicle will be customizable and have a removable hard top and doors which can be kept in the cargo area. The side mirrors will be attached to the front pillars in a way that they remain in place when the doors are taken off.

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