Ford Figured Out How to Order Goods and Services Not Leaving a Car

Ford Ranger Raptor interior photo

Ford has filed a patent for a new in-car system to order goods and services.

One more Ford patent has been published in June, this time for an integrated goods and services ordering system. The idea is to let occupants in a car make orders from inside the vehicle and have them delivered directly to the vehicle, according to Ford Authority.

This patent is another step toward making people feel almost at home while in the car. Being in their vehicles, owners will be able to freely order, pay and receive all sorts of goods, including meals from restaurants, foods from groceries and supermarkets, or services, like a remote car wash, for example.

The company has already patented a number of automotive convenience products, such as a Pet Mode or a Valet Mode, or a digital personal assistant with a configurable personality.

A popular FordPass app offers access to complimentary remote features, like lock/unlock, schedule a start, start/stop, vehicle status check, and locate the vehicle.

The integrated goods and services ordering system, when and if it is applied in practice, will be an additional ‘goodie’ to the suite of useful and pleasant features owners of Ford cars have access to.

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