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Ford F-Series Is 75: Very American, Most Loved Ever

The Ford F-Series celebrates its 75 anniversary. On this occasion, the Blue Oval has released the 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition.

Ford F-Series light-duty trucks have been marketed and manufactured since the 1948 model year. Along with the most popular version – the F-150 – the series includes the Super Duty lineup.

It’s difficult to imagine another model that would match more to the American landscape and the American way of life.

Long Achievement List

The world has seen fourteen generations of the Ford F-Series and a wide range of design configurations. With each generation, the model has changed and modernized but has not lost its American spirit.

The F-Series has remained a U.S. bestseller since 1977, and since 1981 it is the highest-selling vehicle overall. Over the past 15 years, the pickup truck is the top-selling vehicle in Canada. By the beginning of this year, 40 million F-Series models have been sold.

From a flathead V8 and a twin-I-beam front suspension to aluminum bodywork and smaller turbocharged engines, from a chassis cab to a leather-lined 4-door luxury hauler – such is the rich history of the glorious model.


F-Series Predecessor - 1918 Ford Model TT
1918 Ford Model TT, F-Series Predecessor
1948 Ford F-1, First-Gen F-Series
1948 Ford F-1, First-Generation F-Series


2021 Ford F-150 3.5 Powerboost Hybrid
Hybrid 2021 Ford F-150 3.5 Powerboost
Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup
All-Electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition

This version based on the XLT series F-150 trucks is Ford’s modern take on the 1970-80s two-tone exterior paint offerings. This is a fresh interpretation of the classic A-B-A pattern of color combinations, when an A color encompasses pillars, a roof, bumpers, a lower body, and a lower door, while a B color is for a midsection.

Interiors are in slate gray and black, they feature a white “75 Years” logo in the upper center windshield and the center screen startup animation, unique inserts on the seats, and embossing on the console lid.  

Order banks for the 2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition (upper picture) will open in the middle of July, the same time the pricing is announced. Production will begin this fall.

Source: Ford

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