Ford F-150 Vs Tesla Cybertruck Ownership Costs Over 6 Years

Ford F-150 Vs Tesla Cybertruck Ownership Costs Over 6 Years

A YouTube channel compared the 6-year cost of ownership of two famous pickup trucks – the bestseller of all time Ford F-150, and the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, not still launched on the market, but already popular.

The Tesla Cybertruck and the Ford F-150 are not direct rivals, of course, and differ both technologically and in terms of comfort.

Charging Forward makes a comparative analysis of a gasoline-powered vehicle and a pure electric one in terms of their purchase price and fees, sales taxes, fuel/electricity costs, maintenance, tires.

He made calculations taking into account a mileage of 10,000 miles per year, also giving a quick look at how the figures change if you drive 20,000 mi/year.

The 2020 Ford F-150 costs between $28,745 – 71,160. It has #1 ranking within the full size pickup trucks category due to its outstanding towing and hauling capability (6,000-13,200 lbs towing capacity depending on an engine), the user-friendly infotainment system, excellent predicted reliability rating, several powerful engine options.

The futuristic Cybertruck comes in single motor RWD ($39,900), dual motor AWD ($49,900) and tri-motor AWD ($69,900) layouts, additionally offers full-self driving. It can boast 250+ range, 7,500 lbs+ towing, and 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 6.5 sec.

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