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Ford F-150 Owners Face Rust and Corrosion Issues Short after Delivery

Many owners of the 2021 Ford F-150 complain about rust and corrosion issues.

A Texan Adam Daily has recently told the Detroit Free Press of a problem he faced. Several days after he brought his new F-150 home, the man noticed the vehicle began to show surface rust on axles and other underbody parts.

Moreover, rusty water dripped off those components and dirtied the garage floor. He never expected this from a new vehicle.

Daily isn’t alone. The journalists talked with owners of the 2021 Ford F-150 in 7 different states around the USA, who also found corrosion within days after their trucks had been delivered.

Ford says that surface rust on some steel components will not affect the performance or life of the parts. The automaker is currently investigating the matter with suppliers.

Source: Ford Authority

1 comment on “Ford F-150 Owners Face Rust and Corrosion Issues Short after Delivery

  1. B.Hauer says:

    Dang ol’ ain’t right man. Talking’ bout my 2020 f150 lookin just like that mane. Brand new truck gonn’ look like that ain’t right mane. $42k mane ain’t right mane. Dang ol’ ford service just as rusty mane . Terrible service mane. Talk bout “front camera malfunction” 100 miles off the lot mane. Took it in twice for the same thing mane. 6 days later before I got my $42k truck back mayne no loaner either mayne. Next time I’ll get a yota tundra mane. Talk bout ford should take lessons from a Subaru dealership mayne.

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