Ford F-150 Lightning Deliveries Begin On Schedule: Spring 2022

Ford F-150 Lightning image

The Blue Oval has confirmed it would begin customer deliveries of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in the spring of 2022 as originally slated.

Contrary to fears, deliveries of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will commence next spring, according to Ford’s spokesman whom Ford Authority refers to. Thus, rumors about the start of deliveries not earlier than the end of 2022 should not come true.

Ford manages to adhere to its initial delivery plan. Now the F-150 Lightning is in its second phase of production. Currently, the company has been working on the arrangement of all operations at its factory in Dearborn, Michigan. To fulfill orders in time, the Blue Oval has even taken steps to increase output.

We’d like to note that Ford’s first all-electric pickup is already in high demand, although the product has not reached dealer showrooms yet. Ford can boast of over 160,000 F-150 Lightning reservation holders who lined up to get their desired truck. Not each reservation means an actual sale, but, the figure is still impressive.

Besides, the model is a top pick among upcoming electric pickups, according to a recent study.

Ford CEO Jim Farley claimed not long ago that the company would build about 600K electric vehicles per year by 2024, including the F-150 Lightning. This is twice more than the automaker previously aimed to.

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