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Ford Compensates Mach-E Delays with Some ‘Goodies’ for Customers

Currently Ford is compensating delays of the Mustang Mach-E with free charging, a cash-back incentive and a free first payment.

The company faced a quality issue in January that affected the delivery timing of about 4,500 Ford Mustang Mach-Es.

To make up for the wait, now Ford is offering the buyers an extra 250 kWh of free fast DC charging on the FordPass Charging Network, in addition to 250 kWh they receive at the time of purchase.

The free charging option can be activated by way of downloading the FordPass app, activating the Mach-E’s modem, and visiting Ford’s connected services page.

Ford also covers the first month’s payment for approx. 250 customers who experienced the Mustang Mach-E delivery delays.

Finally, the company provides a $1,000 cash-back incentive to customers when they take delivery of the car at a local dealer. In case the delivery already took place, the Mach-E owners should call the phone number Ford provides to get the discount.

Source: Ford Authority

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