Ford Bronco’s Parts and Accessories You’ll Need Ten to One

Tube Door Kit for the Ford Bronco

Ford Performance offers a catalog of accessories and parts, and the Mototrend team picked out the Top 12 you must have for your 2021-2023 Bronco, in their opinion.

Here they are:

  1. Off-road suspension 2-inch lift kit of $2,100
  2. Warn Bronco winch kit of $3,500
  3. 17 x 8.5-inch Beadlock wheel kit – Sasquatch, each of $815
  4. ARB portable air compressor kit of $405
  5. ARB Tred Pro recovery boards, $340, pair
  6. Sasquatch fender flare kit, a set of four with the price of $495
  7. Mirror-mounted off-road lights – $430, pair
  8. Off-road fog light kit of $495
  9. Roof-rack-mounted off-road light of $1,350
  10. 2.7L sport-tuned axle-back exhaust with black chrome tips priced at $1,265
  11. Tube door kit of $2,250
  12. Off-road underbody/rock light kit (white), $415, set of 4
  13. Warn off-road recovery kit (heavy duty) of $420

Ford designed the Bronco for extensive customization. Here we’ve mentioned only a dozen of add-ons available for the SUV, but there are several times more of them, like in the case of the Jeep Wrangler.

The latter is the Bronco’s closest rival, and tons of Mopar exterior and performance improvements are available for it. Both are capable off-roaders and echo the highlights of each other. Indeed, it’s hard to choose between these SUVs.

The Wrangler has a broader engine lineup, but the Bronco’s handling is much better on paved roads, plus it offers more standard features and a more spacious interior.

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