Ford Bronco’s Most Liked Feature: a Removable Roof System

2022 Ford Bronco 4-door image

Can you guess which component of the Ford Bronco is one of the best-loved by customers? A hardtop with its removable system is the feature owners have liked and appreciated.

The early days of the new Ford Bronco production were hard. The company had difficulties with the supply of semiconductor chips as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and still continues to battle shortages.

Also, there were quality issues (leaked and peeled headliners) and supply problems (delays) with hardtops from Webasto. Things are more or less back to normal now. The Bronco contract is large for Webasto, and the German supplier has put roughly $213 million into the SUV’s removable roof system.

Webasto estimates its contract with Ford Motors will net it 20 percent of overall sales in both Americas, from one vehicle, according to Carbuzz. The company plans to build around one million roofs for the Ford Bronco.

Judging by reviews on various forums on the Internet, customers like Bronco’s removable hardtop. This feature is practical and easy to mount/dismount. No special skills are needed, just read the instructions, or watch a YouTube video.

You can remove a single panel of the roof or all four panels, and place each in protective bags to store them in the trunk in a safe and convenient way.

If you have a slide-out tailgate or other accessories, you can store the panels horizontally. There is even some room to spare.

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