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Ford Bronco Sport Is First To Use 100% Recycled Ocean Plastics

The Blue Oval uses 100 percent recycled ocean plastics to produce car parts. The first vehicle to apply such materials is the Ford Bronco Sport.

Wiring harness clips in the Ford Bronco Sport are made of fully recycled ocean plastics, ocean-harvested plastic, more precisely, discarded plastic fishing nets.

This makes Ford a pioneer in sustainability: the company becomes the first car manufacturer to use 100% recycled ocean plastics in the production of automotive parts.

Collection of ocean plastics by DSM Engineering Materials (a global manufacturer of plastic products) in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea contributes to landfill waste reduction and job creation.

Recycled ocean plastics provide a durable, strong, low-cost material whose production requires less energy and saves costs by 10% compared to petroleum-based plastic.

Consumer products made of recycled ocean plastic include T-shirts, yarn, sunglasses, and running shoes. Now wiring harness clips for the automotive industry have joined the list of items produced of this material.

100% Recycled Ocean Plastics picture

Ford plans to use recycled ocean plastics for other car parts in the future, such as transmission brackets, wire shields, floor side rails, others.

The Bronco Sport’s wiring harness clips weigh about 5 grams and are almost invisible. They are attached to the sides of the vehicle’s second-row seats and guide the wires powering side-curtain airbags.

Source: Ford

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