Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Escape: Same Platform, Different Look

Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport SUVs have been compared in terms of their exterior dimensions.

It is interesting: the models actually share Ford’s C2 platform, but they are not alike. It becomes clear when you’re looking at them.

Ford Authority made a comparison of sizes of the both (in inches):

 WheelbaseLengthWidthHeightFront TrackRear Track
Bronco Sport105.1172.782.270.2, 70.3, 74.4*63.462.8
 *depends on a trim level

The Ford Bronco Sport is a good choice for modern enthusiasts of outdoor activities. This is a trendy, aggressive-looking vehicle with rugged styling and a boxy body.

Customer deliveries of the small SUV are in progress now. The base price is $26,820 (excludes destination and other fees, charges, taxes).

The Ford Escape looks more car-like, bland and round-styled. The models differ, because they’re targeted at different customer groups.

The Escape is longer, wider and lower than the Bronco Sport. The latter has wider tracks and larger tires – so, it’s taller.          

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