Ford Bronco Owners Are Given Extra Time to Decide What to Opt

Ford Bronco Owners Are Given Extra Time to Decide What to Opt_1

Ford has extended the deadline for the Bronco owners who may want to push back their vehicle build date for an inviting set of equipment.

The Ford Bronco is a desired acquisition for its potential owners. But it is also a disappointment, as they cannot receive the vehicles they ordered in time.

In addition to the global chip shortage, the Ford Bronco production is affected by hardtop undersupply. The hardtop supplier Webasto could not fully ramp up manufacture for this part. So, those who want a hardtop Bronco have to wait for its delivery more time than they expected.

Of course, Ford is trying to smooth things over. In particular, the company pushed back the deadline that concerns the conversion of the Bronco hardtop orders from the initial deadline of July 16 to a later date of July 23, 2021.

Hence, customers have got extra time to decide if they will opt for a soft-top Bronco now and purchase a hardtop later, upon its availability. Sadly, most hardtops variants will be unavailable until the 2023 model year. Only the Carbonized Gray molded-in-color hardtop can be received right now.

From September 2021, each 4-door Ford Bronco will come standard with a Hardtop Prep Kit. This package was optional before. Now it will serve as a so-so alternative to the hardtop for customers who agree to temporarily live with a soft top: this is a reasonable decision, by the way.

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