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Ford Bronco Collected 150,000 Reservations For Over 2 Weeks

Ford opened reservations for the Bronco on July 13, and since then 150,000 reservations have been received for just over 2 weeks of ordering.

The smaller Bronco Sport isn’t inclusive. The info comes from forum.

The reservations still have to be turned into actual sales this December. Recently a Ford spokesperson notified that given a long waiting list, some reservation holders would not get their vehicles until 2022.

The production in spring, the deliveries in June 2021 – that’s the today’s timeline for the Ford Bronco, while deliveries of the Bronco Sport begin before the end of 2020.

The two-door Bronco starts at $28,500, the four-door one – at $33,200, not including a $1,495 destination fee. The First Edition costs $48,875 (2-door) and $51,370 (4-door).

Interestingly, the pre-orders for the limited First Edition models sold out within hours. The company had to double production to 7,000 units to meet demand.

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