Ford Bronco Hardtop Prep Kit Added to All 4-Door Soft Top Orders

Ford Bronco 4-door 2021 MY

To somehow mitigate the situation with the shortage of hardеtop roofs, Ford adds a Bronco Hardtop Prep Kit to all four-door soft-top orders.

This ‘goodie’ is available starting from September production, Ford Authority reports.

Note, that without this kit the soft-top Bronco purchasers won’t receive the wiring to power the wiper and rear defroster, as well as the plumbing for the rear washer.

The kit is a certain alternative for order holders of hardtop Broncos who don’t will to wait. Unfortunately, the production of hardtops pushed back to the 2023 model year. The only hardtop variant available for the 2021 Bronco is a Carbonized Gray Molded-In Color.

The Hardtop Prep Kit allows using a soft-top instead of a delaying hardtop, and to add the latter when it will become available.  

Customers ready to opt for the kit are to contact their dealer before July 16, 2021, to correct the order. Those who ordered soft tops in the system will get the prep kit automatically. The Hardtop Prep Kit is a no-cost option.

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