Ford Bronco Got Unusual Features: Tubular Doors, Amenity For RVers

Ford Bronco Got Unusual Features: Tubular Doors, Amenity For RVers_image

The Ford Bronco offers a number of features to make the trip easy, safe and pleasant. Among the goodies, there are tubular doors and a capability to be flat-towed by an RV.

Ford has thought of RV travelers. Engineers of the company made the Bronco capable to be bolted to the back of the recreational vehicle and towed on its wheels when the Bronco’s transfer case is put in the neutral position.

This function has cons and pros. An owner won’t have to extra pay for licenses and certifications on the one hand, but on the other hand, there is a risk of damage to vehicles’ components if the proper steps are not anticipatorily taken.

One more interesting feature is the tubular doors which have airbags. We’ve seen the patent drawings before and heard the Bronco will have such doors perhaps, with a removable skin and the inner structure left in place.

2021 Ford Bronco technical image

Now a photo (or a rendering?) is available thanks to the Bronco enthusiasts.

Ford hasn’t officially confirmed yet that the airbag-equipped tubular doors will be really on offer. Also, the whole list of available accessories is not talked about for today.

But rumors, rumors…. they often come true. We’ll know all that we’re wondering about now when the Ford Bronco reaches dealerships in 2021.

Source: Motor1

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