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Ford and Google Enter a New Partnership

Ford and Google partner to use Google’s cloud platform and Android operating system in Fords and Lincolns starting from 2023.

Yesterday they announced a new partnership called Team Upshift.

In 2023, new Ford and Lincoln vehicles will have an infotainment system under the Ford brand but with Google’s Android operating system.

That system natively uses Google’s voice assistant, Google Maps, and will have access to the Google Play store.

In addition, Ford will also use Google’s cloud platform to help in training of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as to facilitate sending of personalized notifications to customers.

The Google Cloud system will serve to push over-the-air updates to cars outfitted with the Android operating system.

It is a today’s trend for carmakers to collaborate with supplies of new technologies. Such a partnership helps deal with processing issues around AI and over-the-air-updates.

Ford partners Google, General Motors, for example, has a deal with Microsoft to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

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