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Five Most-Anticipated Premieres Of the IAA In Frankfurt 2019

An all-new Land Rover Defender premiere will be the main event of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. We expect other interesting introductions too.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is coming. It opens on September 12, first to the press, then to the general public, and lasts to September 22.

It is one of the most significant and grandiose events of the year in Europe, mainly, for local manufacturers like Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen. Other carmakers also strive to show their new products there.

This-year event features several brightest debuts. We’ve picked up five of them, the most intriguing, we believe.

1. Land Rover Defender 4×4

Before unveiling the model in full, Land Rover conducted an active advertising campaign and a series of tests in different climatic and geographical conditions.

A whole range of body styles is planned, with short- and long-wheelbase ’90’ ‘110’ and ‘130’ vehicles.

Expect the 2- and 3-liter engines, both diesel and petrol (gasoline), JLR 4-cylinders or inline-6s from the Ingenium family. All engines are artificially aspirated, some feature an additional electric charger.

2. Porsche Taycan

This first pure electric model of the brand will be available from the start in the Turbo S and Turbo versions, with the Taycan Cross Turismo to arrive in a year.

The Turbo S can produce up to 750 hp and accelerate to 62 mph in 2.8 sec, it has a range of 256 mi (412 km). The Turbo’s figures are 671 hp, 3.2 sec, 280 mi (450 km).

The top speed of both AWD models is 162 mph (260 km/h). The Taycan is the first production vehicle with a system voltage of 800 V instead of the usual 400 V.

Porsche Taycan Set One Record More: At the Nürburgring Now_photo

3. Volkswagen ID.3

This all-new fully electric hatchback (and the first on the MEB platform) appeared this summer at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The car has already collected more than 30,000 reservations.

The very-first launch edition (not a cheap one!) will have a driving range of 260 miles, 110 kW fast charging as standard. 2,000 kWh of free fast charging will be available during the first year of ownership. 

Different version will come with three battery sizes (48-, 55-, 62-kWh) providing 330 km (205 mi), 420 km (261 mi) and 550 km (342 mi) according to WLTP. They all will be able to charge at up to 100-125 kW giving 162-mile (261-km) range in 30 min.

Volkswagen ID.3 Already Reserved By 30,000 Customers_photo

4. Hyundai 45

We know little about this new retro-style electric concept car and could see it only in teaser form. It seems to be a family hatchback with the design similar to the Honda e. It is built on Electric-Global Modular Platform and has Integrated Drive Axle.

The carmaker hints that the newcomer is inspired by Hyundai’s ‘first model in the 1970s’. It is probably about the Pony.

Hyundai utilizes the ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language for the 45 model, like for the Le Fil Rouge concept presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. Well, soon we’ll see this misterous vehicle.

5. BMW Vision M NEXT

This is a potent plug-in hybrid (petrol-electric) concept car that comes to replace the BMW i8 early next decade. The electric-only driving range is 62 miles (100 km), it develops 600 hp.

The M NEXT will join the BMW iNEXT in a new-design electricfied range, sitting at the top of it.

A supercharged 4-cylinder engine is used alongside an electric front axle. 0-62 mph acceleration takes near 3.0 seconds. The battery capacity and tech packs will be revelead soon at the IAA in Frankfurt.

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