Five Best Family Hatchbacks 2019 In Europe_photo

The family hatchback segment remains one of the most important ones of the European market. What cars are included in our TOP 5?

The main criteria for assessing a family hatchback are believed to be as follows: style, equipment, efficient engine, practical cabin, adequate price.

We’ve selected the best five hatchbacks, in our opinion.

5. Ford Focus

The new Focus has regained what the first-generation models were proud of and their predecessors somewhat lost, namely, an excellent handling, a smooth, well-balanced ride. There is enough space inside, which a completely new platform provides.


4. Kia Ceed

We could not help mentioning the third-generation Ceed. Controls and steering finally brought it to a higher level. There is enough space in the cabin for four adults. Kia certainly progresses as an automaker in all segments.


3. Mazda 3

The fourth-generation Mazda 3 may well be an attractive family-owned hatch on sale. The car has retained all the features that made its predecessor an attractive offer in the highly competitive segment. It’s about a strong price-quality ratio, as well as a great naturally aspirated gasoline engine.


2. Peugeot 308

The 308th attracts, first of all, by its price-quality ratio. The cabin is comfortable and practical, i-Cockpit is great. However, Peugeot’s engines and suspension are only one step ahead of rivals.


1. Volkswagen Golf

The Golf, apparently, will forever remain a European family icon. Excellent handling, a spacious interior, good engines are impossible to kill, plus the eighth-generation car debut is coming.


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