Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Will Ride On Volkswagen Platform

EV company Fisker has announced it will use Volkswagen’s MEB platform for its new 2022 Fisker Ocean Electric SUV.

The deal between two companies is still to be officially finalized. CEO Henrik Fisker shared the news on his Twitter, also mentioning the starting price of the upcoming model – $29,999. In fact this is the value after the federal tax credit is applied to the $37,499 price.

Volkswagen has confirmed, without detailing so far, that they opened their MEB platform up to third parties, and that the company is in discussions with various partners.

When it comes to partnerships, Ford should be mentioned: from 2023, a series of electric Fords for Europe will be on sale due to the tie-up between Ford and Volkswagen. Ford’s EVs will use VW’s MEB artichecture.

Fisker want to bring the Ocean SUV to market as soon as possible. Using Volkswagen’s battery and motor platform should help do it, while building of its own powertrain needs a considerable amount of time.

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