First Problem On New Suzuki Jimny Revealed

Suzuki Jimny first problems

The next-generation Suzuki Jimny debut has become a real event in the automotive world this year. Very soon this small SUV will enter the European market, but now experts have discovered the first problem with the Jimny. How serious is it?

During test rides on the new Suzuki Jimny, Autocar journalists found that an e-stability system showed disturbing behavior on the road under certain circumstances.

In more detail, under certain turning conditions, the ESP Jimny system brakes a separate front wheel, as if to eliminate a skid that actually does not arise. As a result, the car swings from side to side, as the front wheel spring with a brake shrinks and expands under the impulse effect of ESP. This condition can also affect one of the rear wheels.

Chief Engineer of Jimny project Hiroyuki Yonezawa acknowledged the problem as soon as it was demonstrated on two different test cars.

Suzuki assures that this behavior has not previously been recorded at any stage of the preparation of the SUV.

However, after receiving a warning, the company immediately sent engineers to investigate. They were able to reproduce the behavior on the track, but could not repeat it on a test bench in Japan.

Suzuki announced that continuous activation of the stability control system occurred, with a certain condition of the road, its angle of inclination, and slope.

The automaker admitted that the intervention of the electronic system was able to cause a certain sense of discomfort to the driver, but this is not the event that could disrupt the direction of the vehicle.

Suzuki promises to conduct further analysis of the problems and will carefully consider how to set up the program while maintaining the balance of the Jimny’s performance.

3 responses to “First Problem On New Suzuki Jimny Revealed”

  1. Henrique Adolfo de Freitas Avatar
    Henrique Adolfo de Freitas

    Dear Sirs

    I am an owner of Suzuki Jimnny Sierra and I have had this serious malfuntion 3 times, with a severe sudden blocking of left front whell caused by mistaken action of ABS sensors or alike.

    I almost had a fatal crash, since the car pulled to the left in a slightly ascending curve to the right at 80 km/h, after a sequence of 3 events in a matter of 3 seconds.

    I would appreciate if you could inform this accurence in the proper channels, since the retailer , where I purchased the car here in Brazil (Belo Horizonte city, MG) is just substituting the sensor, what seems not to be the real cause of the problem. I LOST MY CONFIDENCE IN THIS CAR !

    Just for the records:
    SUZUKI Jimny Sierra 4STYA model 2019/2019
    Chassis # JSAGJB74VL5100084
    Retalier: Via Natsu – Tel +55 31 2101 3100

  2. Basilio Farinha Avatar
    Basilio Farinha

    I live in Portugal. I already had this problem.
    It is always in fast corners with bad ground and slope.

  3. César Ureña B. Avatar
    César Ureña B.

    Tuve el mismo síntoma dos veces en mi Jimny Sierra en Panamá pero al cambiar neumáticos se solucióno no ha vuelto a presentarse pero si tiene alguna corrección quisiera saber

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