Ford Official debuts

First Official Images of 2021 Ford Bronco Show Its Front End

On its Instagram account, Ford has posted the first official images of the upcoming Bronco.

The photos are the fragmentary side view of the Bronco against the grille of an original truck. We can see round LED headlights, fender flares, and robust off-road tires.

These are the first real images Ford shows after plenty of leaked and spies pictures, renderings.

The company has also released a short teaser video demonstrating the grille and headlights.

The official premiere of the 2021 Ford Bronco is set to July 13, 2020. Deliveries will start next year.

Much is already known about the new Ford Bronco, for example, about its boxy styling, removable doors and roof, a spare tire at the rear, a high ride height. We still hope it will surprise us, when arrives.

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