First Ford Broncos Hit the Road, Customer Deliveries Started

2022 Ford Bronco 4-door image

Ford boasts nearly 200,000 Bronco reservations, and the very first batches have already begun reaching owners.

Being a highly customizable vehicle, the Ford Bronco offers 2-and 4-door variants, removable parts (roof, doors), a hardtop or a soft top, six trim levels, two transmissions (MT and AT), two powerful engine choices, an off-road Sasquatch package.

The two-door Bronco costs $29,99.5 and the starting price of the four-door one are $34,695.

Production began earlier this month. Early reservation holders are taking deliveries now, some have shared photos on the Internet. Be ready to meet the new 2021 Broncos on the roads!

Those customers who want to place future orders will have to wait until 2022. The Bronco is in high demand, while Ford is experiencing the effects of the post-pandemic economy.

Source: Bronco6g

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