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First Details Of the Future BMW 7 Series Are Presented

In April 2022, the Bavarian automaker will unveil an all-electric BMW i7 and the entire new BMW 7 Series. Meantime, BMW has informed the first details about the upcoming model.

In the future BMW 7 Series, the manufacturer focuses on high technologies, a new front-end design, and what is in the cabin: exclusive materials, digital functions. The vehicle will debut in a few weeks.

BMW has revealed the consumption and electric range figures of the BMW i7, the most powerful 7 Series to date. Well, the range on a single charge is 580-610 km (WLTP) or 305 miles (EPA); the combined power consumption (again according to the European WLTP test) is 19.7 – 18.9 kWh/100 km.

Saying about the new exterior design, we should mention twin round headlights, a revised kidney grille with illuminated contour, and special crystal glass-made upper light elements.

Inside, BMW uses a new My Modes to customize driving characteristics and interior ambiance, the newest iDrive operating system, the BMW Curved Display, the BMW Interaction Bar with integrated control buttons that is also a part of the ambient lighting.

Technological ‘Goodies’:

  • A new Sky Lounge panoramic glass with individually adjusted LED light threads
  • A 31-inch BMW Theater Screen moving out of the roof liner, having 32:9 panoramic display format and 8K streaming resolution, and transforming the rear seats into a private cinema lounge; passengers can choose personal entertainment program from a range of streaming offers.
BMW i7 Panoramic Glass
Electric BMW i7 Panoramic Glass
BMW i7 Headlamps
BMW i7 Lighting
BMW i7 Face
All-Electric BMW i7 Face

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