Fiat Produced 500 Thousandth Tipo

Fiat produced a 500 thousandth Tipo model at its Turkish car factory. Why does it remain popular in Europe?

The Fiat Tipo is not a best-seller in Europe, but it plays a key role on the Italian car market and enters the TOP 10 best-selling cars in four other countries of the continent.

The half a millionth Fiat Tipo has been assembled at FCA’s plant in Bursa, Turkey. The jubilee sample is a five-door version with a 1.6 Multijet 120-hp engine and a dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

Why does Tipo draw our attention? Fiat plans to revise its passenger car lineup in Europe. It is said the company will sell only the Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda in their numerous versions in the continental market. The brand will apparently focus on light commercial vehicles in Europe.

However, judging by the volume of production, the Tipo will not be abandoned, as people continue to buy it rather well, albeit not so good as German or French best-sellers.

What is interesting about the modern Tipo? First of all, there is a choice of three body options – 3- ,5-door ones and a station wagon (pictured above). Four trim levels are available, including new stylish S-Design and Sport.

However, the main Tipo’s advantage is its price or a price/ equipment/quality ratio. The minimum price tag is 14,650 euros. Moreover, a special offer is also valid, so the Tipo can be purchased from 12,700 euros.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5-door

Of course, 3 Stars for safety from EuroNCAP is not a matter of proud, but the lack of recent developments allows offering affordable prices. Customers can make their ‘price or safety’ choice.

In January, by the way, Italy took the second place in Europe in terms of passenger car sales. The country overtook Great Britain and France.

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