Experts Compare Tesla Model Y And Hyundai Kona Electric

Tesla Model Y image

Tesla revealed its Model Y at last. Customers will be able to touch it somewhere in the fall of 2020. Journalists of Motortrent ventured to compare this car design with that of the Hyundai Kona Electric.

The all-new Tesla Model Y has been presented and probably goes into production in late 2020. 280-mile ranged AWD vehicles will be available first. Buyers will have a choice between the $51,000 Dual-Motor and $60,000 Performance versions.

The Model Y with torque transferred to the rear wheels and a longer driving range of 300 miles (Long Range modification) priced at $47,000 comes later on.

Tesla also promises a cheaper base version (230 miles, Standard Range) starting at $39,000, though it won’t arrive until early 2021.

In terms of the exterior design, the car took much from the Model 3 (it’s the front end, minimalistic cabin). At the same time, in profile, it resembles another Tesla car – the Model X.

If we set range and price aside and compare the Tesla Model Y and the Hyundai Kona Electric exteriors, the first has a sportier silhouette and a more minimalistic rear end.

The Kona’s roofline looks more regular for a CUV in contrast to the Model Y’s sloping roof and curvy lines.

Inside we observe the different approaches of Tesla and Hyundai to styling. Albeit the Model Y uses more upscale materials, its interior is rather Spartan-looking. The Kona’s cabin looks more conventional.

We can add that the Hyundai Kona Electric costs from $36,450 (MSRP in the USA) and provides up to 258 miles of driving range.

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