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Experts Called The Countries With The Cheapest Petrol In The World

Bloomberg agency ranked the countries in the world with the lowest and highest prices for 95 RON petrol.

According to the agency, the cheapest petrol is sold in Venezuela. In this state a liter of car fuel costs less than 10 cents per liter.

Iran takes the second position. Here the price of a liter is $0.28.

The third is Kuwait. In this Arabian country petrol costs $0.35/l.

The TOP 10 also included:

  • Nigeria -$0.41/l;
  • Egypt – $0.43/l;
  • Saudi Arabia -$0.54/l;
  • Malaysia – $0.54/l;
  • Indonesia -$0.67/l;
  • United Arab Emirates -$0.68/l;
  • Russia – $0.72/l.

As follows from the ranking, the most expensive petrol in the world is in Hong Kong – $2.09 per liter.

Norway ($2.02/l) and the Netherlands ($1.93/l) come next.

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