Every New Volvo Car Now Comes with a 122 MPH Speed Limit and Care Key

Every New Volvo Car Now Comes with a 122 MPH Speed Limit and Care Key

Volvo limits a top speed of all its new vehicles with 180 km/h (112 mph), plus provides a Care Key.

Volvo Cars is a responsible company which has a reputation as a worldwide leader in safety.

The Care Key function allows Volvo drivers to set additional limitations on the car’s top speed, for example, before lending the vehicle to other family members or to younger and inexperienced drivers.

Both the 112 mph speed limitation and Care Key help discipline drives and demonstrate how the Sweden carmaker strives to achieve zero traffic fatalities.

Nevertheless, some observers question the rights of manufacturers to impose such limitations through available technology.

Speeding remains one of the most common reasons for fatal accidents on the roads, and speed limits are in place in most western countries.

In-car safety technology and smart infrastructure design are no longer enough to avoid severe injuries and fatalities of road users.

The latest research shows that on average people poorly understand how dangerous speeding is, and have weak speed adaption in relation to the traffic situation.

Volvo is going to introduce more safety features in its future cars. It will take speeding, intoxication and distraction as the primary areas of concern.

Source: Volvo

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