EV Global Sales In 2018: TOP 10 Most Demanded Cars

Green cars share on the global market was 2.1% in 2018, including about 1% of fully electric ones.

In figures 2,018,000 plug-in vehicles, both pure electric and plug-in hybrid, were sold worldwide in 2018.
996,557 of them are electric-only.

Not too much, isn’t it? But compared with the year of 2017 sales grew 1.5 times and continue growing.

We should be optimistic. Given the electric mobility strategies automakers approved and follow, electric cars shall conquer the automotive Olympus within the next 10 years.

It’s interesting to see how sales distributed per markets. Predictably, China has become the largest EV market, followed by Europe. The United States took the third place.

The 2018 TOP 10 most popular all-electric cars in the world is the following:

  1. Tesla Model 3 (145,846 units);
  2. BAIC EC-Series (90,637 units);
  3. Nissan Leaf (87,149 units);
  4. Tesla Model S (50,045 units);
  5. Tesla Model X (49,349 units);
  6. JAC iEV (46,586 units);
  7. BYD e5 (46,251 units);
  8. Renault Zoe (40,313 units);
  9. Chery eQ EV (39,734 units);
  10. BAIC EU-Series (37,343 units).

We are not surprised, and you?


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