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Europeans Prefer Gasoline-Powered Cars

According to ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), about 60% new passenger cars purchased in the European Union from January to March this year have a gasoline engine, and only a third works on diesel fuel. At the same time, electrified cars accounted for 2.5% of sales during this period, and all alternative fuel vehicles – 8.5%.

ACEA reported sales of passenger cars in Europe in the first quarter of 2019. About 90% of sales are gasoline (60%) and diesel (30%) vehicles. That is, gasoline engines remain the priority for Europeans and dominate in the structure of demand.

In the 5 largest EU markets (except Germany) demand for gasoline cars grew, most of all – in Italy (+22%). In the three months of 2019, the share of gasoline passenger cars increased by almost 4% and is 59%.

The share of diesel engines fell by 6% to 32% compared with the first quarter of 2018. Diesel cars are losing customers in Europe, with the exception of Germany and the Baltic States.

As for alternative fuels, the demand for such vehicles increased by 26%. Buyers purchased 99,174 all-electric cars (+40%) and 184,808 hybrids (+33%). At the same time, the registration of cars on natural gas fell by 7%.

The largest growth in demand for alternate fuel vehicles has been recorded in Spain (+49%) and in Germany: +63%, mainly due to doubling sales in the hybrid segment.

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