European Compact Segment Subsided In Anticipation Of Golf Mk8

European Compact Segment Subsided In Anticipation Of Golf Mk8

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will be able to positively influence the declining compact car market in Europe.

The compact car segment in Europe in the first quarter of 2019 was in a state of rapid sales decline compared with the overall market. Sales in this class amounted to a little more than 528,000 units. This is still a large number, but less by 14%.

The best-selling Volkswagen Golf lost 16%, but still holds a leading position. The situation in this niche can be changed by the eighth-generation Golf. Its market debut will take place in early 2020.

Customers’ expectations are important when a very popular model changes generations. Moreover, the new Golf promises a lot: from the digital aura in the cabin to the mild-hybrid technology.

There is one more thing that influences the decline in consumer interest in compact passenger cars – small SUVs. Their popularity on the continent is growing from month to month. More and more customers tend to make a choice in this class.

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