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European Car Market Dropped In September 2018

Sales of new passenger cars in Europe in September 2018 have decreased so much that it’s worth talking about the continental car market crash.

In the first autumn month of 2018 carmakers sold 1,448,835 new passenger cars in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. It is less than last year by 23.4%, according to the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).

Sales fell in almost all countries, except for Croatia and Bulgaria, whose markets do not play a key role. Decline is calculated by two-digit figures.

Leaders have problems

The five market leaders remain the same, but sales fall is considerable. In Germany, for example, 200,134 cars were sold in September – less by 30.5% than in September 2017.

The situation in other major car markets of Europe is not much better:

  • United Kingdom – 338,834 units (-20.5%);
  • France – 148,750 units (-12.8%);
  • Italy – 124,976 units (-25.4%);
  • Spain – 69,129 units (-17.0%).

Volkswagen lost 52%

Of course, car manufacturers also suffered losses. So, overall sales of the Volkswagen Group dropped by 47.8%. The Volkswagen brand itself has lost 52 points. The VW Group’s Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Porsche brands all suffered. The volume of sales diminished from 28.5% to 66.7%.

PSA Group lost 8.0%, Renault Group – 26.9%, FCA Group – 31.4%, Ford – 13.5%. In a few words, almost all automakers lost, except for KIA, Volvo and Jaguar. The latter surprised by sales growth by 37,8%.

Strict WLTP test is the reason

Experts have explained the significant drop of sales in Europe. Moreover, this trend has been expected.

Introduction of a stricter WLTP test of compliance to environmental requirements is the reason. It happened in the beginning of last month. Before that, in August, car market boomed: registrations grew by 31.2%. As a result, the Europeans are through.

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