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Euro NCAP’s Crash Tests Helped Save About 78,000 Lives For 20 Years

How many lives are saved thanks to mandatory crash tests of the European New Car Assessment Program for 20 years of its existence? The representatives of the organization assure that crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP have helped save about 78,000 lives since 1997.

In total, the number of fatal accidents on European roads has decreased from 45,000 (as of the mid-1990s) to 25,000 (at present).

Global NCAP published a video in which two Fiestas, a new and an old one, pushed each other. One of the hatchbacks is of the 1998 production year, the other is of the current year. The tests timed to the 20th anniversary of the introduction of mandatory crash tests for new cars in Europe.

During the frontal crash test, both Ford Fiesta hatchbacks moved at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. In the old car such a crash would cause fatal injuries of the driver and passengers.

In the new Fiesta the risk of a serious trauma is minimal.

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