Euro NCAP Dislikes Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ Option

‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ has been removed from Tesla’s option list after Euro NCAP test showed it could mislead.

On October 18 Euro NCAP and Thatcham Research tested driver assistance functions of the Tesla Model S (pictured). While AEB and Lane Keep Assist have been easily approved, the autopilot system raised doubts.

Its presence means no driver participation needed, but during tests some scenarios demonstrated a possible risk of the driver’s over-reliance. Moreover, such a system is not still legally permitted.

So, Tesla had to reject the optional Full Self-Driving Capability, while the resembling Enhanced Autopilot feature remains available.This function allows the vehicle to keep within a lane, change lanes without input automatically, be summoned to and from a garage, enter or exit a motorway by itself, self-park when near a parking spot.

The American automaker will continue to level up automation once it has become fully valid.

Source: Autocar

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