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Euro 5 to Euro 6 converter. Is it worth the trouble?

The roads of the Old Continent are full of restrictions. In recent years, new emission standards appeared and complicated drivers’ lives even further. In this article, we will talk about the necessity of buying a Euro 5 to Euro 6 converter in terms of the laws in the European Union and UK as well. We will also include current Euro 6 conversion kit price tags.

Where do Euro 6 emission standards apply?

The Euro 6 regulations concern not only big cities in the EU, but the United Kingdom too. Brexit didn’t change that. In fact, London has special zones in which an owner of a vehicle noncompliant with these standards can be punished with a fine. That refers to cars manufactured before 2015 because younger vehicles were built in accordance to the new laws. Owners of older cars, no matter if they’re diesel or petrol, should equip themselves with a professional euro 5 to euro 6 converter.

But is it a good change, some might ask, besides avoiding fines? Well, it most definitely is. Who benefits from it? We all do. The Euro 6 standards mean lesser toxins – both nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) – are released into the air. Unfortunately, cars are partially responsible for the global warming effect, and a Euro 6 conversion kit for vans or even small petrol vehicles can help with altering the situation. Although most of the country is free from must-have Euro 6 zones, it is really important that drivers start to reduce emissions.

What is an AdBlue emulator?

Modern vehicles have a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system on board. An AdBlue emulator is a device that overrides controls over that system. As a result, the machine imitates it and the system itself can be inactive. That saves money on diesel exhaust fluid, for example. Drivers also use an adblue emulator as a way to convert from Euro 5 to 6, which means they can save money in that department as well.

How much does a Euro 6 conversion kit cost?

A mechanical conversion of Euro 5 vehicles is not that expensive, considering fines that can be avoided with this procedure. A single Euro 6 conversion kit for cars UK price depends on the vehicle, of course, but it begins from approximately £106. The highest price tag usually doesn’t get bigger than £303. A good quality euro 5 to euro 6 converter, therefore, is a rather small investment that can render wallets a bit thicker, providing a better quality air at the same time. Seems worth the trouble indeed.

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