Elon Musk Has Revealed New Details About The First Tesla’s Pickup Truck

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed some details about the brand’s first pickup truck. It will be six-seater, full-sized and can haul cargo, targeted for families and trades.

Its arrival is scheduled for late 2019, thought delay and shift of timing are not excluded.

The Tesla pickup truck will take a niche between the brand’s passenger-car line and the Tesla Semi. It may be as large as the Ford F150, overtaking by dimensions the Mercedes X-Class, the Volkswagen Amarok and the Ford Ranger.

The vehicle will have all-wheel drive, double front and rear electric engines, a large battery pack to provide 644-805-km (400-500-mile) driving range and good off-road features. The powertrain will be upgraded for top versions.

They promise the model will accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 6.0 seconds. It will be the most practical of all current Tesla models, with a more utilitarian interior than those of the Model X and Model S.

240-volt outlets will allow power supply regardless a parking place. A self-leveling suspension will help counterbalance the vehicle when there is a heavy load.

As for the estimated cost, it will be higher than many pickup trucks have. The Tesla pickup shares much technologies with the Model X SUV priced from $98,000.

Source: Carbuyer

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