Elon Musk Confirmed Tesla Model Y Prototype Production

Elon Musk has confirmed the Tesla Model Y Prototype production during the recent third quarter 2018 financial call. It is a good news for potential fans of this electric crossover, which expected to overtake the Model 3 by popularity.

The latter, by the way, gathered 500,000 deposits put down even before the car manufacture started.  Currently Tesla produces the Model S, X and the Model 3 launched one by one.

The Tesla Model Y is the next in this row of production vehicles. The company is going to unveil it early spring 2019 and send to manufacture in the beginning of 2020.

As rumored, the Model Y will use a chassis of the Model 3. The cost of the vehicle is a guesswork so far. We expect the base price from $45,000.

We hope Tesla will reveal not only the Model Y crossover but the much-awaited and intriguing pickup truck as well.

Hopefully, this puts the American company alongside the legacy automakers offering upwards of 7-8 models and does away with the misperception of it as a simple technology creator.

Source: InsideEVs

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