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Elon Musk Announces Tesla Pickup Truck Priced Below $50,000

According to Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the first pickup truck of the American electric brand can cost about $49,000 or even less.

If the price turns out to be true, the model can easily compete with the Rivian R1T and Ford electric pickups.

Elon Musk intends to launch a relatively cheap electric pickup truck compared to other Tesla models. It is about the amount of up to 50,000 US dollars.

For this money, we are promised an unsurpassed vehicle with a non-standard sci-fi appearance, next to which the Ram pickup will seem like a toy.

It is expected the range of the upper-level model will be 400-500 miles, maybe more. Tesla is going to unveil the new product still this year.

It will be an all-wheel-drive truck with an engine for each axle. A suspension dynamically adjustable depending on the load, with much torque and a great towing capacity.

Tesla pickup truck

The Tesla pickup exterior can be judged by numerous renders. By the way, we still have to see the real vehicle to make an idea of its true look.

Source: InsideEVs

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