Electric Sono Sion With Solar Cells Passes Road Tests

An unusual electric Sono Sion goes for a test run around 10 European countries. German company Sono Motors presented it to public last July. The car is equipped with solar cells to increase its power reserve.

It seemed the idea of a serial production of this cheap EV was finally abandoned. However, it turned out the project was alive, and all this time was prepared for testing in real conditions.

The Sono Sion’s body is made of polycarbonate. 330 photocells are mounted on its roof, doors and hood.

A battery provides the car with a power reserve of 250 km. Photocells allow to increase this range by 30 km in summer..

The model also has heated seats and interior heating, climate control, synchronization with smartphone, an emergency braking system and other active safety systems.

The solar electric Sono Sion can be a good transport for residents of apartment buildings in megacities, where there is no way to charge EVs at night.

Sono Sion interior

Now the developers are preparing the car for serious tests – a global run in 10 countries, with a stop in 42 cities. In this way, the solar electric Sono Sion will be tested and advertised.

The company promises to introduce the final version of the car in late 2019. Now it costs $18,540. About  5,000 pre-orders have been already placed on the car.

1 comment on “Electric Sono Sion With Solar Cells Passes Road Tests

  1. Stephen says:

    Well, they tow the car on a trailer between the cities. It is not road legal, just a concept car based on a BMW i3.

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