Electric Cars Sales Are Forecasted To Dramatically Rise in 2019

Latest electric cars sales results show we may expect a dramatic rise this year. Lead times should increase too.

In 2018 the electric vehicle segment grew by 10%. If we look at available figures, we’ll see, that one in every 100 cars sold in November 2018 was pure electric. Compared to the same month of 2017, it is  almost by 70% more.

 Experts have advised customers to make orders for EVs promptly to beat lengthening lead times.

A period from placing an order and its delivery to a customer (lead time) vary from 10 weeks to half a year for new electric cars, depending on a model.

For example, the lead time for the Jaguar I-Pace (pictured) is 6 month, for the popular Hyundai Kona Electric – up to 10 months, the Hyundai Ioniq – 4 month, for the Volkswagen e-Golf – 18 weeks.

As for the all-electric Kia Soul, a small number of vehicles left in showrooms, as a newer model will replace the current one this year. Supplies are running low.

The Audi e-ton takes 10-12 weeks to deliver, meanwhile buyers of the Renault ZOE will get their orders within a 12-weeks period.

Lead times for PHEVs will probably increase in 2019 as well. Their sales rose by nearly 27% in 2018, thanks to a combination of interest in electric cars and wish to have a conventional engine to boost range.

Source: Auto Express

1 comment on “Electric Cars Sales Are Forecasted To Dramatically Rise in 2019

  1. kent beuchert says:

    Sales of the Jaguar I Pace in Europe have been impressive – it’s truly a “Tesla Killer”, you know, the car that Tesla bulls said doesn’t exist. Well, in Holland in December the I Pace outsold the Tesla Model X four to one and the Tesla Model S two to one, and in Norway I Pace sales led to a 40% drop in Tesla sales. In the U.S. the I PAce has 200,000 $7500 govt buyer’ tax credits while the Tesla has none and all Tesla tax credits will be gone before the end of 2019. Not a question of whether I Pace sales will negatively affect Tesla sales, but how much. And, oh yes, another one of those non-existent “Tesla Killers” is due out at the end of 2019 – with a solid $7500 tax credit inspired price advantage one would expect the Porsche Taycan to hammer Tesla Model S sales, its direct competitor. But, in fact, the Porsche Taycan has already sold out its first year’s production , which will exceed that of the Model S. And a large number of orders were placed by Tesla owners. Ouch!! Tesla is just beginning to realize just how easy it is for the world’s automakers to produce EVs better than Tesla’s vehicles. Since an electric car shares a huge percentage of its parts with a gas powered car, why would this surprise anybody?

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