Electric BMW: New Vehicles and Prospects

BMW iX 2022

Electric vehicles stopped being exotic ten years ago. Moreover, modern trends clearly demonstrate that passenger cars with internal combustion engines are doomed, like cassette tape recorders. It’s only a matter of time.

Of course, car manufacturers should not ignore the prospects and the future, so most of them develop their own electric models or even whole lineups. A clear example is BMW.

The Bavarian automaker’s portfolio today includes six pure electric vehicles, from an imposing ‘veteran’ – the BMW i3 discontinued from summer 2022 to the latest iX1 – an electric version based on the regular X1. The number of plug-in hybrid offerings is almost twice as large.

2018 BMW i3 image
BMW i3

One of the world’s largest automakers pays considerable attention and spends huge funds to develop ranges of electrified vehicles and launch them into series production.

Why is it interesting?

The automotive future belongs to electric cars. Because the charisma of the BMW brand itself draws attention to everything they do. Because there is a question: how much the market success of electric-driven vehicles could be?

Today the i3 is still the most popular ‘green’ BMW. More than 12,000 buyers bought the model in the first half of the year. Since the model is discontinued and has no direct successor, the focus will shift to modern projects.

Sales results clearly show consumer interest in the latest electric BMWs. The new iX crossover has been on sale for a short time, but nearly 10,000 Europeans already purchased it. Another newcomer – the i4 sedan – is not far behind in Europe.

BMW i4 image
BMW i4

The BMW iX model is also the No.1 luxury electric SUV in the USA – well accepted by customers and well sold.

BMW iX image

It is worth noting that BMW created the iX and i4 as electric cars from the ground up. However, the company also offers fully electric versions of existing models, like the BMW iX3 and the BMW iX1.

The latter has been recently introduced. The iX3 is sold for the third year in a row, and its sales are almost as good as the iX. Well, we can say the iX3 is well marketed. Why not, the car is an electric version of the popular BMW X3, so, customers pay attention to it.

BMW iX3 image

The situation is the same with the BMW iX1: prospects are good here. The third-generation BMW X1 has been released. The X1, let’s emphasize, is the brand’s most popular crossover, at least in Europe. In addition, the iX1 looks almost the same as the regular X1, so its futuristic appearance does not scare away fans of traditional BMW design.

BMW iX1 image

The automaker uses a similar approach for the new 7 Series. The sedan in its next generation has both internal-combustion-engined versions and an all-electric i7 variant.

And, finally, concepts. BMW’s official website in Germany mentions three prototypes: Vision M NEXT, XM, i Vision Circular. They all showcase the brand’s vision for future design and technology, and they’re all electrified.

Thus, BMW outlined its course quite clearly.

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