Electric BMW M Car Arrives This Year

Electric BMW M Car Arrives This Year

Presumably it will be the BMW i4 M Performance. No official date has been announced yet.

BMW Motorsport GmbH’s boss Markus Flasch has informed this news. The exact name of the upcoming M-badged electric vehicle is still unknown. An M Performance version of the BMW i4 seems most realistic.

The car is rumored to have two electric motors with more than 500-hp of total output. As for the 0-60 mph sprint, expect it will be around 4.1 seconds.

For comparison: the BMW M440i accelerates from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km/h) within 4.3 seconds.

Flasch has teased that next year will be “a year full of surprises” dedicated to 50th Anniversary of M division. It means that special editions will be coming, and far more.

Photo: 2020 BMW i4 Concept

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