Ecology Makes Volkswagen Tiguan R Reduce Power

Hard emission standards in Europe have influenced engine choices for the Volkswagen Tiguan R. Instead of an initially planned 2.5-liter unit, the hot crossover will have a less powerful 2.0-liter motor.

The intention of a number of leading European countries to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions to Volkswage Tiguan R will most likely get the 2.0 TSI engine. Why exactly this one?

During the latest tests at the Nürburgring, the car, almost ready for production, “played” precisely in its tonality.

It is unknown how much this motor will produce, but not less than 330 hp. The output can be limited to 300hp, as in the Cupra Ateca.

About three years ago, when Volkswagen tested the first prototypes of the Tiguan R, the 5-cylinder 2.5 TFSI engine was used, which is also mounted on some Audi models, at least according to spies. The automaker’s plans have probably changed now.

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