Each New Mercedes-AMG Model Will Have Plug-in Hybrid Version

Each New Mercedes-AMG Model Will Have Plug-in Hybrid Version

Mercedes-AMG has announced its strategic plan for the future focused on necessity to control emissions. Each new AMG model will get a plug-in hybrid version.

True, several AMG cars already underwent some electrification. AMG’s CLS53 and GLE53, for example, are equipped with a six-cylinder gasoline engine boosted by an electric supercharger, as well as a 48V starter generator developing 435hp and 384 lb-ft (520Nm) of torque in total.

Since mild-hybrid systems provide a little decrease of car exhausts and do not lead to tangible changes, Mercedes-AMG will offer for each next model a performance-tuned version of the brand’s EQ Power system (already used on the S- and E-Class) called EQ Power+.

The current EQ Power includes a 121-hp (325 lb-ft/440Nm) electric motor. It will be reconfigured with an eye on greater returns on AMG sports cars, even at the expense of reducing energy efficiency.

Accordingly, the Mercedes-AMG hybrids will have a shorter electric driving range, but improved dynamics. Thus, a Mercedes-Benz SUV with a range of 62 miles (100km) will lose from 19 to 25 miles (30 to 40km) in its AMG modification.

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS53 AMG
2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS53 AMG

In fact, Daimler is now seeking a compromise between compliance with emission standards and sportiness AMG cars are famous for.

The first deliveries of Mercedes-Benz AMG plug-in hybrid sports cars can start as early as 2020, after the first Project One hypercars (with 5 electric motors!) reach their customers.

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