Dog’s Robotic 3D Paw Tests New Land Rover Defenders

Dog’s Robotic 3D Paw Tests New Land Rover Defenders

From now on, Jaguar Land Rover’s wear resistance tests use a dog’s paw printed on a 3D printer designed by the company’s own algorithms. The project’s participant is a 9-year-old Labrador Yogi, a guide dog.

The RoboYogi test ensures paint layers on the rear bumper will withstand the dog’s claws. The Land Rover Defender’s body surface has proven to be wear resistant.

The developers observed how the mid-sized Yogi jumped into a car and out, how claws and paw pads pressed on the rear bumper. Then they uploaded the real data to RoboYogi’s paw.

Yoga’s paw has become a prototype for the robotic 3D Paw with a spring inside, which is a cost effective solution. It repeates the contours of a genuine animal paw and applies appropriate pressure along the entire bumper.

The company uses the 3D Paw for 5,000 standard wear resistance tests. During the test, the paw accidentally scratches the bumper panel ten times, and after an interruption, scratches the side. Then the process goes in circles until the test is completed.

The British brand has a particular focus on the comfort for pets when they travel in a vehicle. Among the products of this series there is a rubber mat, a pet crate, etc.

Now Jaguar Land Rover will be able to 3D print parts for production cars, starting with Jaguar XE SV Project 8, which became the first.

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