Does Volkswagen Gold Mk 8 End an Era?

Volkswagen Gold GTI 2022_US Version

The Volkswagen Golf has a great success story, but the current 8th generation could be final.

The German automaker has been working on a revamped Volkswagen Golf Mk8. While the current-generation model will get the update for sure, the arrival of the next ninth generation is questionable, Carbuzz reports with reference to Welt.

Volkswagen admits that to be profitable and successful it needs iconic models like the Beetle or Golf, but also doubts if the next-generation Golf 9 will be able to last 7-8 years in a rapidly changing market.

The combustion ban and expected considerable price increase in the coming years due to the planned Euro 7 emissions legislation can threaten the existence of the VW Golf. This car is the favorite of several generations of motorists, but nothing in the world is eternal. New favorites come in place of old ones.

Currently, Volkswagen offers a Golf-sized ID.3 hatchback in Europe and plans to offer a smaller ID.2 priced under €25,000. The ID family also includes the ID.4 crossover that is in stable demand in America.

It is clear electric vehicles will be gradually replacing ICE-powered cars, but what we wonder is if the iconic Gold nameplate will remain. We’d like the Golf will live.

Today such vehicles as the Volkswagen Gold GTI have fan clubs all over the world. 40 percent of sales of the GTI and R models are cars with manual gearboxes. If the VW Golf leaves, its performance versions will obviously become collectible.

Why Volkswagen Golf GTI is an Excellent Car

Few cars in the market can match the performance, livability, and overall value of the VW Golf GTI. It boasts brisk turbocharged acceleration, great handling, a comfortable ride, and ample space for people and cargo. The car offers a wide array of standard driver-assist and infotainment features.

The GTI’s infotainment displays and a digital gauge cluster give the vehicle a modern feel, but its interior materials and some surfaces could be of better quality, and there are few physical interior controls.

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