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Display Failure In Tesla Model S Сaused Investigation of NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into display failures in the Tesla Model S.

The issue affects a Media Control Unit (MCU) touchscreen in near 63,000 Model S vehicles built from 2012 through 2015.

Actually 159,000 Teslas, namely 2012–2018 Model S and 2016–2018 Model X cars, can be potentially involved, according to estimates.

NHTSA claims it has 11 complaints now about the display failure.

In the issue description the organization states:

Failure of the touchscreen results in loss of rear camera image display when reverse gear is selected, resulting in reduced rear visibility when backing.

The problem which Tesla owners have recognized for years, is a flash memory device. It is found in the Nvidia processor that powers the display.

Possible malfunctions include slower load times of the display during startup, more frequent resets of the MCU, loss of cellular connectivity and navigation, a full failure of the MCU.

Tesla introduced the Media Control Unit in 2018, and now offers to replace the old MCU with a new MCU 2. Replacement costs $2500.

Source: Car and Driver

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