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Dieselgate Forced Audi To Reduce Car Production From September

Audi has to reduce car production from September due to diesel scandal. Until the end of the year they will cut manufacture by 300 cars daily, Bayerischer Rundfunk reports.

The reason is in permission to produce only some models which passed well the WLTP testing. This new lab test for cars introduces more realistic testing conditions, providing an accurate basis for calculating fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In particular they will reduce the A5 and A4  (pictured) models release by 300 units a day on average from September till the end of 2018. Moreover, in December the company will be closed for Christmas holidays a week earlier.

In general Dieselgate affected more than 11 million vehicles of the VW Group globally, including about 600,000 cars in the USA.

Volkswagen acknowledged installing a special software on its cars. This program greatly underestimated the test results. VW will pay near 4.3 billion dollars of fine in the United States.

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