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Diesel Scandal: VW Revealed Problems With New Software

An internal inspection of Volkswagen has revealed a number of defects in the new software designed to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles.

The Volkswagen Group has reported about technical problems in software which serves to decrease harmful emissions of diesel-powered vehicles. According to VW’s press release from December 23, they found defects during the internal inspection.

Volkswagen has immediately informed the authorities for road transport control in Germany about the issue. The automaker revealed the malfunction of software for a 1.2-liter EA 189 diesel engine. Therefore, the company decided to suspend solving the emission problem for engines of this type. Next checkups are scheduled for early January 2019.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is aware of this matter.

Enormous costs

Diesel scandal also known as Dieselgate continues for several years. It affected primarily the German automakers. The scandal started with Volkswagen and its subsidiaries. After law enforcement agencies in the USA and then Germany began their investigation, other leading German manufacturers came to attention.

According to the statement of Volkswagen executives as of December 22, the company spent 5.5 billion euros in 2018 to eliminate the diesel scandal effects. Two billion euros more are scheduled for 2019.

Source: Volkswagen

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